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If you're planning on attending college, then you likely will have to take the ACT or SAT exam. These assessments can be difficult and cause high levels of stress. Thankfully, we can help you prepare. Working with the Princeton Review, we are able to offer a number of different study resources, including free practice tests. Of course, for a more comprehensive resource, we recommend that you purchase our College Entrance Exam Practice Tests. With these resources by your side, you can gain the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed!

To suit your needs and the needs of individuals just like you, we've developed two College Entrance Exam Practice Tests to choose from: the ACT and the SAT. It's never too early to start preparing for your future. Each test uses different methods to calculate your academic strengths and weaknesses, such as:

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SAT Exam

The SAT also evaluates if you're ready for college. Considered to be the most widely used college admission test, you will be quizzed on various skills, including: mathematics, critical reading, and writing. On this assessment, you will find multiple choice and writing questions. ...Learn More

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ACT Exam

This assessment shows whether or not you are prepared for college. You will be tested on a range of subjects, including: math, English, reading, and science. All questions are asked in a multiple-choice format. You also have the option of taking a writing test. ...Learn More

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Do you want to be ahead of the competition? Purchase our College Entrance Exam Practice Tests and start practicing for the real exams! You won't find any other programs quite like ours-we will prepare you in the best possible way!

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