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The Key Is Organization

If you are organized, then you will be able to fully prepare for your exam. You've probably been studying for quite some time - having good study habits will ensure you earn a high score on your test. Other skills or behaviors to practice prior to test day include being confident, knowing the material, and being mindful of what to expect on the exam. Of course, our practice tests are great tools to take advantage of when preparing for the actual assessment.

Rest and Relax

One of the worst things you can do the night before a test is cram. This useless method will only make you develop feelings of stress and anxiety, as well as cause confusion, leading you to possibly forget information you already know. You may review exam material the night before, but the bulk of your studying should already be completed. These other tips should prove to be valuable in helping you relax the night before and morning of the test:

  • Get a Good Night's Sleep
  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast
  • Give Yourself Plenty of Time/Arrive Early
  • Stay Positive

Though it may seem insignificant, staying positive will allow you to feel calm and collected, permitting you to focus all of your energy on the exam. You've got to believe in yourself and thoroughly trust that you're going to do well on your test.

You Are Ready to Succeed

You've got no reason to panic or stress - you've been preparing for test day and you're going to succeed! Allow those unwanted and unneeded feelings of anxiety to slide right off of you; stay relaxed, knowing that you're going to score high!